Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Look Ma, All hands!

So, the botox is kicking in and Roa is a limp noodle.  It is such a mix of good and bad.  Bad- he is dragging his feet and not lifting his legs in his gait trainer.  Bad- his hands are completely OPEN (I joke that it looks like he just had his nails done) and he kinda hits at toys and reaches, but doesn't close his hands to grasp.
Good- he is able to sit with legs apart with more ease.  Good- he is working on righting his arms when we help him roll to tummy.  Bad- he doesn't support his body with his arms while sitting but slumps forward.

We know it all will adjust with time.  That is the difficulty with botox.  It is short term, the tone decreases and then slowly increases.  The goal is to strengthen the weak muscle while the tighter muscles are relaxed.  But, this means re-evaluating all the methods he currently uses for body movement.  Little frustrating for us all.

Roa slept better last night for the first time in about 2 weeks.  Bryan bought him a memory foam mattress topper that seems to be really comfortable.   Also, upon the amount of drool and the number of times I was bit while nursing yesterday, I stuck my finger in his mouth and...sure enough, he is starting to get his second year molars!  We loaded him up with motrin for the teething so that helped with sleep as well.  I thought we had some time before the next set of teeth, but I guess they can get them anywhere between 20-36 months.  Poor guy.

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