Thursday, March 18, 2010

Botox tomorrow

We are excited about tomorrows botox treatment.  Roa continues to have nights with frequent waking and we are ALL exhausted. Pretty much every two hours he needs shifting, massage, or wants to nurse!   It is time to let those muscles rest with the help of that blessed injection.
The botox treatment isn't too scary.  Roa can not eat for 4 hours before the procedure and drink clear liquids up to 2 hours before- this is the most difficult part.  He is given slight sedation with nitrous oxide, so basically, he just gets drowsy.  Funny,... last time they said he would be sleepy and low key all day after the injection.  They obviously don't know our Roa too well.  He got right back on the move!  No rest for the wicked!

Saturday, we are back to Conductive Ed with Ors after taking last week off for a family event.  We are excited to get back into the nice structured program.  This week Roa's OT, PT, and teacher had off for Spring Break, so it has been pretty laid back in the Thayer household.  Lots of cruising around in the gait trainer on the lawn chasing our cat, Beast.

Bryan took Roa to ECFE class yesterday and I got a massage!  AMEN!  It was heavenly.  Bryan enjoyed his time at school with the toddlers and all the mommies.  It was great for him to see Roa in action with friends at school.

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  1. Hey Jennifer! I am so curious about Conductive Ed. I have been doing some research for Jillian, hopefully I can find one a little closer to home! I've also talked to Jillian's pedi about Botox, we're reassessing on Thursday. I just know sometimes she's in pain, but can't tell us what's wrong! I hope Roa does well tomorrow!


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