Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Eyes Have It

I have never been good at eye contact. Anyone that knows me knows that it takes a while for me to trust in a person enough to give that full on eye gaze during a conversation. Eye contact is so personal. The eyes truly are the windows to the soul and I don't open my windows too easily. You can read so much about a person by looking into their eyes. To me, it seems to be an almost psychic ability to draw on a person's true character through their eyes.
I also am a deep thinker with the active sort of brain that needs to focus on things other than a face while talking. I look around the room or look out a window to help the conversation flow. Rarely do I looking directly into your eyes.

Roa on the other hand, has excellent eye contact. I cannot believe how well he communicates just by looking at you. Happiness, fear, anger, weariness, excitement, disappointment,...all LOUD and CLEAR through those little peepers.
Beyond that, Roa "tells" us a lot of his needs through simply looking at us. I've mentioned in past posts that we, as parents, have a sort of psychic ability to read our children, but it still amazes me that I can know so much...just through his eyes.

"He needs a drink, has a wet diaper, needs to burp, wants some alone time, wants to go outside, is tired of that position ....".
All this verbalized through his eyes.

The technology of tomorrow promises more assistive devices based on eye gaze. I look forward....straight on with FULL contact, to tomorrow.

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