Monday, October 17, 2011

Closing the Gap

We were very fortunate to be a part of the annual Closing the Gap conference for Assistive technology in Minneapolis this past week.  This conference is the leading AT gatherings in our nation for therapists and teachers of special needs (and a handful of us parents)!  I attended alone on Thursday afternoon and was joined by Bryan and the boys Thursday evening.  We took Roa into the exhibitors hall to check out the different computer programs, communication devices, adapted switches, mouses, joysticks,  fun accessible games and software, mounting sytems for assistive tech devices on walkers and wheelchairs,..... soooooo much to look and see!  We were all in techno overload!
Roa had fun running up and down the aisles in his trainer and it was nice for the sales reps to try out their wares on an actual kid! 

Links to our faves:
Inclusive TLC products

ablenet  sounding board app and products communicators

infogrip products and the ergotrackball!

European design keyboard with eyegaze component "Lucy 4"

zot artz for all-  products for creativity in special needs!

My Talk app for ipad/iphone

Linggraphica apps

AND the COOLEST thing there!!!
Modular hose for mounting assistive tech!!

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