Monday, September 12, 2011

Sleep study

Roa had a visit to Dr. Sleep at Gillette on Friday.  Dr Garcia is such a kind, calming man---Makes us want to take a nap... all of us but Roa, that is.

Roa is undergoing a sleep study.  He wears a "watch" around the clock for two weeks that is actually a device that measures movement.  We are looking at rest times vs. sleep times and trying to get an approximate measure of how much Roa is awake during the night.  We also have increased his trazadone sleep medication to suit his growing size.

We continue to try to explore how to help Roa and the entire Thayer family sleep with more ease.

On that note..... Gunnar is awakening from his morning slumber....

Tata for now!

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Mom and Me