Monday, September 12, 2011

School for Roa!

Roa had his first day of school today!  Mom was so nervous!  Roa on the other hand, has been walking around our house with his backpack on for the past week!  Ready to go.
Bryan, Gunnar and I took him in this morning.  We were nervous to leave our nonverbal, demanding boy in the hands of strangers.  The teacher, Lori, and therapists, Mary and Laura, visited our home last week so complete strangers they were not, but it was the very first time Roa would be with people other an those who know him well.
I wrote a chapter book of notes to try and communicate what works best for Roa...poor teaching staff.  What an uptight Momma!  But I want everything to go smoothly.

Roa had a great first day!  When Gunnar and I returned to pick him up, he was giggly and happy.  Laura explained his day and all is activities and how they adapted it to work for Roa.  It is really a warm, caring environment!  I was relieved and proud that Roa is my little school bug!

Now for Wednesday... let's see how this nervous momma lets go and puts her boy on a school bus....    stay tuned!

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