Monday, August 22, 2011

Updates- play, move and say

So much new and so little time to blog! Updates...
Roa got his new Imp trike! It is pretty cool and he liked showing it to all his fans in our neighborhood. It needs a new handlebar that fits Rojo a bit better, but otherwise it is a wonderful new mode of mobility and play.
We had the Conductive Education Fundraising Walk and Family Picnic. Small turn out for Team Roa, but we haven't learned of the donations towards his therapy yet. If you donated, we thank you and appreciate the support.
Last week we had a carpenter build a swing set/playhouse with a ramp for our backyard. Roa and Gunnar love it! The ramp is a hit as Roa walks up in his gait trainer on one side and zooms down fast on the other! This week, Jeremy the carpenter, will be back to build a sandbox- 16x16 with a sensory table, mud pie kitchen, and gait trainer entry ramp- is in the plans.
Today, Roa has speech and OT. A representative from the Dynavox company will be at the session to try out a few assistive tech. devices with Roa.
We have upcoming appointments at Gillette to review Roa's Botox effects and also a consultation to find a seating system that best fits his needs. Andrea, PT from Courage, would like us to opt for a manual wheelchair so that Roa can learn to propel himself around a room. We will give it a shot.
Roa has been gaining strength all summer and is attempting to maneuver a supported crawl! Very promising. He also has mastered saying Hi and his name. When that sweet little voice says, "Roa", I simply melt! More later gotta run.

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