Monday, August 1, 2011

The Land of Chewandswallow

Tomorrow Rojo has another swallow study appointment at Gillette. The therapists at Functional Kids are questioning his conjestion after meals and his need to turn to the right with swallowing. It has been a concern for some time and a big piece of the independence puzzle. We are anxious to find out if perhaps Roa is still having issues with reflux that prohibit him from maintaining correct posture while seated. We are back on Prevacid for nights but haven't noticed a huge difference in sleep patterns, he still is up 1-2 time per night. Hopefully the swallow study will give us some answers.
On a positive, Roa has been a CHAMP at attempting to self feed and drink! He is working hard to get the food, utensil, or cup to his mouth and often succeeds with help getting it positioned in his hand. This step is a huge one towards self care and will help him so much when he starts school this fall.
As for school starting soon, ughh! Scary! We are currently looking at purchasing a stroller/push chair/high low base for school and bus transport. We are also looking to balance his therapy schedule and still give the poor guy Mommy time and a nap! It will all come together, I know. But right now, it is overwhelming.
FYI, our top push chair pick is the Snug Seat Stingray. Pretty sweet ride for the King!

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