Saturday, June 18, 2011

Botox complete

Botox is complete again. Round four. It was very strange as we decided to have Gunnar and remain at home while Dad took Roa in for the treatment. It was very difficult for me to not be there- ready to give him a big hug and snuggle after the session.
Bryan said he did fine. Cried more than the last sessions, but had a long wait with an empty tummy beforehand, making it more irritating to the King. As usual, Bryan cohersed the nurses assisting to break into a chorus of kids sons to help Roa remain calm. Always a hoot to hear about!
Bryan and Roa went swimming this morning and Roa is already showing some side effects from the injections, especially in the adductor area which will help in floor sitting.
Now is our time to stretch and strengthen while the botox is in full affect.

Thursday was our last Birth to 2 session with Laurie and Mary. We are so sad to have these wonderful ladies exiting our lives, but Roa is growing and changing and on to new adventures with new teachers and therapists.

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Mom and Me