Saturday, April 2, 2011

The hills are alive...and giggling!

The sun is shining, Roa and daddy went swimming, Gunnar is napping. I am sitting back drinking my coffee, watching my window bird feeder (thank you Vic and Craig) and not allowing negative thoughts to get me down! Perfect time for blogging, I would say!

Updates, updates....

Roa tried a different piece of therapy equipment called Theratogs with Andrea at Courage this week. This form of therapy entails a vest worn with elastic strappings that help the child hold or movtinis body in a corrected form. It was a good attempt, but King Roa was not having it! Cried and cried. Hard session for Momma. Luckily Andrea ended the session with rolling on the incline mat- with Mom at the bottom as a target, Roa rolled like a barrel! So exciting!
The next attempt will be a pressure vest called The Bearhug. Stay tuned...

Ors is happy with Roa's supported walking with his new afos at conductive Ed. He also is happy with his increased abilities with cup drinking and self feeding with adaptive spoon.
Brittany has been taking Roa to CE on Wed. and it has been such a blessing to have her be apart of the Thayer family! We love her!

Yesterday, Lori watched Gunnar while I took Roa to a music therapy group at Functional Kids. Lori also has become part of the family with her help and support!
Roa LOVED music time! He laughed and wiggled and tried to Jump in with a word here and there! Definitely a session we will try to add to our busy schedule!

We survived our bathroom remodel project with little injury and all managed to stay somewhat clean and sane! :)

Lessoned learned this week....
Bathroom remodels are difficult and messy, but the end result is beautiful!
Family does not always come in blood, but with actions and words of support.
Life is difficult and messy but the end result is beautiful!

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