Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gillette visit

Yesterday, Roa had his check up with Doctor Gormley at Gillette.  Long wait time, but an overall good report! 

Dr. Gormley was impressed with Roa's walking in his gait trainer.  He also was happy with Roa's range of motion and the decrease tightness of his muscles in his legs.  Good news!!
We are scheduled for the next round of Botox on June 6th.  It is nice that we can stretch it out a bit more and that Roa's muscle development seems to be responding well to the injections paired with his vigorous therapy schedule.  We seem to be on the right track!  
Each day, we work hard, play hard, it is paying off.

Roa had a visit yesterday with OT and Speech therapy home-based.  They completed additional speech testing for Roa's school entry report.  Roa did a nice job of attempting to imitate words!  He is trying so hard to say what we say.  He even said "Roa" in a way we all understood! YEAH!
  When asked to point to pictures in the test manual, he was not so cooperative.  Man was it frustrating to just sit back and watch as he refused to "touch" pictures of things I KNOW he knows. But, it was just one test.... kids will be kids! 

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