Thursday, February 3, 2011

These are the people in my neighborhood

I don't think I have mention before to you all how wonderful our neighorhood is.  Roa feels like a Rockstar on our little street.  When the weather is nice and we head out for hour gait trainer walk, we are always greeted by friendly faces and people who stop to talk. We always know we have people to count on.
Judy and Jolly and Renae and Paul let us use their swimming pools in the summer months for Roa's water time.  Russ, Steve, and Scott have snowblown and mowed to help us out.  Sabria and Tim gave the boys Christmas gifts!  Shelley, Judy, and Lori baked for us after the birth of Gunnar.  Many gave us baby gifts.  Don and Nancy help us with our two dogs.    Russ and Kelly have helped us look for our runaway Molly dog!  They also have Roa a special Halloween giftbag, just for him while trick or treating.
Lately, Lori has come over a few times a week to watch Gunnar while Roa, Bryan and I head out into the snow to walk our Max and Molly.  Being able to get out and exercise as a family has been great!
We are truly blessed.  Roa has guardian angels all up and down our little street!

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