Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Little Earthquakes

Roa was eating snack yesterday and we were diligently working on holding his straw cup and doing some self-feeding. Brilliant Daddy came up with the idea of a mitt of sorts, with velcro that Roa could wear to help keep the cup in his hand.  Laurie, the inventive OT, took the idea and cut a sock to fit Roa's hand.  With velcro on his cup and the mitt- Roa can hold his own cup and drink!  Amazing how liberating that is! For him and for us! Doing things on his own makes Roa so proud.   Hooray! 
I know,... I will attach a picture soon!

The other awesome event was when Roa noticed some food smudged on the back of his right hand and REACHED OVER WITH HIS LEFT HAND TO WIPE IT OFF!  Wow! Teeny, tiny work for some, but a HUGE feat for King Roa! 
I just about jumped out of my chair!

Do you hear it?  Things are clicking?  Little earthquakes that change our lives and make us believers in Hope!


  1. Awesome news! Keep up the good work RoJo!!!

  2. You guys should get that patented! Great Idea!!


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Mom and Me