Thursday, November 4, 2010

The world viewed from my back

I was lying on the floor today with Roa.  Looking at the world as he does- lying on his back.  I encourage you to give it a try.

 I looked out the window at the trees without their leaves, blowing in the wind.  I looked at the legs of the couch and ottoman, noticing stray toys and dust bunnies underneath.  I see the sleeping Molly dog, lying next to me.  I see the shadows moving on the wall and the ceiling.
I thought that my position on the floor was relaxing for a bit.  But, I would tire of it day after day.  Tire of viewing people walking at me sideways, tire of watching the TV sideways as well. 
Roa still doesn't roll over.  Still needs us to help him up to standing and walk with him.  Still needs help getting into a sitting position and remain that way through propping with pillows and blankets.
Looking at Roa's 2 year view of the world on his back today, really made me think about how he deserves to fuss and yell when we leave him lying to attend to some task in the house.  If he complains when I leave to go to the bathroom or change the laundry load, I need to think in his shoes.
  I too would scream if I was forced to lay on my back watching the world go by when all I want to do is get up, chase my dogs, run around the tree in the wind, and LIVE a life standing up.

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