Monday, November 1, 2010

Sandman comes... and goes

Yep.  We are still struggling with sleep around the Thayer house.  We continue to guess as to why Roa wakes up fussy and crying in the night for hours at a time.  We continue to say, " maybe it's molars coming in...." maybe it's the new backpack carrier we are using for our nightly walk (he loves it!).... maybe the new sleep med, Doxepin, is giving him a tummyache as we increase the dose...are his muscles tight any where... did he nap too long today....
We have consulted with Dr Garcia, Sleep God.  We have played around with the dosing.  We wake. We struggle.  We cry. We carry on... tired but not defeated.  We will figure it out!

Roa continues, however to be his delightful self in the daytime hours.  Gait trainer champ, kicking the ball down the street each day.
 He has taken to making marks on paper with markers and does such nice job holding the marker!
 This weekend, I began working diligently to help Roa to not only get food in his little hands, but to then make it enter the mouth!!  He is getting better at it- fighting through the primitive reflex to turn his head away from his hand.

Baby steps, Baby steps.....

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  1. Our guy is still fighting those primitive reflexes too. Have you looked into reflex integration exercises? (like you need another therapy/exercise) I'd be happy to email the exercises we do. They are relatively quick and easy if he can be entertained enough to keep his head turned in one direction.


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