Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Tingle to Teach...

Yesterday, Roa and I had a nice visit from his Aunt Chrissy and Cousins Jay, Jon, and Bret.  It was great for Roa to get to hang out with these big boys and watch them in action!  He was unbelievable quiet and wide eyed, taking it all in!  Too cute!
Bret, the oldest of the group at 8 years, is great with Roa.  He plays with him and talks with him.  So nice.  The boys brought their bikes and rode up and down our street with Roa giggling behind in his gait trainer.
He was exhausted when they left, but of course didn't nap- just vegged out to a little Winnie the Pooh.

It was nice for me to have a little time with Aunt Chrissy for some get to know you talk.  We only get to see each other at holidays or special occasions with the whole clan, so it was nice to have some one on one chat time. 

During their visit, I really got that ache to teach again.  I had planned to do daycare in our home after resigning from my teaching job, but with all Roa's needs, it just never happened.  I thought maybe I would start out this coming fall with a couple children around Roa's age, but now we are blessed with a baby on the way at Thanksgiving. 
Yesterday, watching the boys play in my "classroom" in our basement.  The ol teacher feeling came back.  I know I teach my Roa everyday, but the biggest part of my job in Early Childhood Special Needs was to teach parents how to best meet the goals of their children.  I also taught workshops on play and brain development to parents of typical toddlers in our community.  Chatting with Chrissy and sharing homemade playdough recipes, locations of where to find cool learning toys, etc.  made me want that connection with other parents again.
 It honestly has been difficult at times, not jumping in with advice at family events, at church, our doctor's appointments, or while grocery shopping about parenting skills and child development. It has always been my passion since first babysitting at 12 years of age.  Now that I am a mother, I feel I know even more and could really share!
But at the present time, I don't get paid to give my advice like during my 12 year teaching gig.  Giving out advice freely is considered pushy, rude, and judgemental.
So,  if you ever have a question on development, behavioral issues, feeding, literacy, communication skills, potty training, discipline.......  I'm first in line with an ear and a helpful opinion!  :)

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