Wednesday, July 21, 2010

And the Little One said, "ROLL OVER!"

We have purchased a new computer and cannot wait for it to arrive!  Such issues we have with speed and bugs- time for an updated model.  Once that computer arrives,  I PROMISE to post a few new pictures and videos of our Rojo!  I also want to get back into my regular posting of Roa's day to day journey.

Roa is on the verge of rolling over to his tummy.  Side to side he goes and almost makes it with the lower half of his body, but gets caught up with his darn arms.  So frustrating for him and us.  Neue, ABM practioner and Kim, Cranio, worked so hard at yesterday's session to decrease his frustration.  We were ALL sweaty and over-worked by the end. 
I can't even describe to you how much I ACHE to have Roa move with some independence on the floor.  I love him so much and his constant struggle to gain control over his body is heartbreaking to a mother.  I watch other children move and think about the ease of their movements versus the daily battle with sweat and tears that my Roa undergoes.
 What we face in life only makes us stronger.  I know..., however, I pray each day for even a minor victory on that blasted floor!!

The gait trainer is another story.  He is running down our street each morning for our daily walk.  Giddy he is as we move along talking about the birds, squirrels, flowers we see along the way.  Today, our neighbor, Don, joined us for the last stretch and Roa acted so proud, walking along with Don!  Our neighbors are so sweet and take such interest in Roa's development.

Roa had his 2 year doctor appointment and all was well.  He hasn't gained much for weight, at 24 lbs now, he actually is down a pound since his last visit.  Dr. Colwell is not concerned, however, due to his 2 inch height increase and his very active lifestyle!   I get out of breath just thinking about all our "on the go" time!
Last week, Momma pushed it a bit too hard working with Roa with the increased size of my growing womb and my back went out.  God bless Doctor John, our chiropractor!  After a few days rest and a great adjustment, I was back at it.  Bryan has given me strict orders to take it a bit more easy each day.  Difficult for this over-achiever mom, but I am trying.

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