Friday, January 8, 2010

Work or Play?

This morning Roa had PT with Mary.  There was a definite different feel to this session.  Roa usually has PM therapy, but we moved it to AM due to his changing nap routine. Mornings are usually slower paced with alot of Mama-snuggle-time.   He also has not seen Mary for a few weeks due to the holidays.
That all being said.  It was a hard session for Roa and I.  (Mary, if you are reading this, we can talk about it next week!)  As a teacher of special needs prior to being Mom2Roa,  I witnessed and helped with many therapy sessions for children. I know kids cry and don't always want to do the work.  I know you have to move them through it and get the task done at times. 
As a parent, now, I look at the therapy through new eyes.  Honestly, sometimes it is heart-breaking to listen to Roa cry and reach out to me with his little eyes that say, Get me out of here, Momma, as he is positioned and stretched by the therapists.  I understand that the therapist know what they are doing and that the stretching and positions are necessary to help Roa's muscle process new movements.  However, I sometimes think that with all the crying, fussing, and pleas for rescue from momma, is his brain really taking it all in and processing the new motor plan expected of him?  If the therapy was more child-interest based.... get him playing and involved and then work in the positioning at his comfort level wouldn't he respond better to the session and learn the patterns with more sucess?
I've been doing some reading about the Anat Baniel method of therapy for cerebral palsy.  Alot of what she does make sense to me.  Take a few minutes to check out this short article from Cerebral Palsy Magazine.

I would love to hear your opinions, experiences with any therapies in your or your child's life.  Should the therapy feel like work to actually "work"  Or can it be more child friendly?

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  1. Our son sometimes has trouble with PT also. It helps that we switched our schedule to a better time of day for him. She is also a geriatric PT. She really isnt as "fun" as some of the other therapists. I do think she could try to engage him more in play while working with him. When I'm there during his session I help distract him with noisy toys etc. It helps for a little while. I just can not stand to hear him cry when I cant do a thing about it. Not sure if I answered your question. I'm not sure I know the answer anyway.


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