Friday, January 15, 2010

Off to see Elmo!

Tomorrow is Sesame Street LIVE at the Target Center!  I am pretty excited to see Roa's face as he watches Elmo and Abbie dance in sing up close and personal!  We will take many pictures to share the joy!  Thanks, Auntie Ellen and Uncle Bill!  What a great gift!

Today we has Roa's annual IFSP meeting with the school therapists Mary, Laurie and Lindsay, Craniosacral Kim,  Courage Andrea and our service coordinator Mercedes from Ramsey County.  It was a long meeting! Momma gets a little long winded and involved in questioning and discussing therapy options. Thank goodness Ellen volunteered to come over and hang out with our busy boy so we could both participate in the meeting. 
We discussed Roa's goals to continue, the progress he has made, and ideas for the next year to come.  Beginning in February, Roa will have a new speech therapist, Lindsay, on his case once per month to, hopefully, help us stimulate some spoken words from this kid! We will also do more communication with pictures to start.  Bryan and I have started some picture card choices (milk, juice, ball, car....) and Roa is responding well to it.

Well, off to bed I go!  Tomorrow is a "Sunny day, chasing the blues away.  On my way, to where the air is clear....."

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