Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bye Bye Botox, Hello Restless Nights

So, we are pretty sure the affects of the botox injections have subsided and we are once again faced with a fussy toddler in the night, waking 3-5 times- uncomfortable and cranky!    Our next round of botox is scheduled for March 19th... we wait in much anticipation.

The MRI went off without a hitch.  Roa handled it well.  No reaction to the procedure and anesthesia.  AMEN!  We were worried parents, but all was well.  Roa liked the MRI team, very nice staff at Gillette!

They sent us off afterward with a warning of a sleepy low-key boy for the rest of our day. They don't know our Roa.  He was drowsy drunk for about 1 hour... then OFF, arching out of my arms and ready to chase those dogs of his!  Nuts!  He didn't even nap until after 2pm and we got home at 11am!  Crazy kid!  No rest for us!

We get the results on Thursday.  We will keep you posted.

This afternoon, Roa gets to meet a NEW therapist!  Her name is Neue and she is an Anat Baniel Method practioner!  She is coming over to just meet us and see if she could help Roa develop and show me some of her techniques.  Bryan and I are very excited!  We have been playing around with some of the techniques we have watched on the ABM DVD series for parents of children with special needs and Roa has responded well to the natural, gentle movement approach.
Details to follow.  Gotta run, King Roa has awoke from thy nap!


  1. Jennifer - I was thinking about you guys yesterday...So, glad it went well - we will say prayers that the MRI is able to provide you with some answers! You guys sure are busy, busy!! Keep posting pictures of Roa because I sure like to look at his handsome face!!

  2. I was thinking of you guys yesterday and sending prayers your way. So glad to hear that the MRI went well (too bad Roa didn't give you any rest, though!). Hopefully ABM will work out well for you guys, it sounds really cool. :)


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