Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Spaghetti Everywhere, But I Don't Care!

Roa continues to battle at mealtimes with each little bite.  He gets so mad as the spoon nears his mouth yelling and  turning away.  It is so frustrating for everyone!  His coordination abilities have also made it difficult for him to reach his mouth with his hands or an object while seated.

Today at lunch, tired of the Screamfest, I just handed him the spoon and put the bowl of mashed (not pureed, yeah!) spaghetti in front of him.  With some guidance from me, Roa got the spoon to his mouth without the reflexive head turn!!  He looked so very proud and ate the whole bowl!  He even got his hands in the dish a few times to explore.  Spaghetti everywhere- in my hair, his hair,... and I loved every minute of it!
When offering him his sippy cup of rice milk, he grabbed at it and wanted to help!  Independent Jo!! 

Guess we are making a huge step with feeding today!  I would do a cartwheel, but don't want to slip in spaghetti! :)
My camera battery died, but I will try and post a picture soon!   Eat Baby, eat!

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  1. Bet you and Roa look sooooo cute with spaghetti in your hair! Great job to Roa!!!
    Love ya....E B M A


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