Monday, January 11, 2010

Keep moving

Tomorrow the Rifton Pacer gait trainer will arrive for Roa's two week trial!  Wish us luck.  The current gait trainer we have is going ok... not quite the right size and make for Roa, but he does pretty well.  The one coming tomorrow is hopefully a better fit and will really get this boy moving!

It was a busy weekend with Roa's cousin's, Jay and Jon's birthday party and a bit of shopping with Mom and Dad.  Roa is a handful at the mall, let me tell you!  He is getting too big to be carried and doesn't want to be in his stroller.  Bryan wears him in our carrier and that usually keeps him happy for awhile... until he wants to get down and walk!  Through the stores we go, hunched over, helping him walk as he giggles away as if being pursued!  Pretty entertaining for the people we meet!
We are looking for a new simple umbrella stroller to take for these store trips.  A simple one with a 5 point harness and one that will hold Roa for a few years. The one we have now is too small for our big guy!  Any ideas?  Send them my way!

As I blog away, I am curious who is reading my stuff.  I would love it if you haven't opened a google account and became an official fan of Rojosjourney that you might do so.  I love comments and hearing from people.  Makes my time at the computer a little brighter and helps me feel connected.

Thanks for raising me up each day.

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