Wednesday, January 20, 2010

They know not what they do

Today was an ECFE day and, like a champ, I got us there on time!  I have to pat myself on the back for this.  Roa was up at 5:00am this giddy and ready to start the day.  He finally settle back in at 6:30 and got up for the day at 8:00.-  Breakfast, dressed, and off in the truck to school!

Roa loves his class. Typical to most kids, he doesn't like to get dressed, but when I mention seeing Ms. Pat and the kids, he perks up!
 Roa is such an observer.  He watches every move the other kids make.  He loves playing in the sensory table at school as well as at home.  Today they had water and boats.  Splashing away!

True to each session, I got to go to the parenting component while Pat helps Roa play.  We are discussing discipline currently in class and the differing styles and ways of controling behavior.  I contribute to the conversation as appropriate, but Bryan and my experience with parenting continues to be so different with Roa.  When it was my turn to say how we handle discipline with Roa, I had to honestly say that Roa doesn't "get into things" or cause trouble that needs discipline.  He does throw some whopper fits for us centering around meals or desire for Momma or going to bed, but we talk him through them or ignore his tantrum behavior.

After my turn, the sweet mom next to me talked about her child and his need for independence.  I know she didn't mean it in a negative way, but because she was speaking after me, she used the phrase, "and my son is normal".  
Not a big deal, just as few simple words- yet they hurt.  They reopen that wound in my heart I have been working so hard to keep safe and banaged up at events like ECFE.   I know she didn't think of it.  I know the other mothers don't think of it when they say in surprise, "Wow, Roa really likes the music!"  or "Look at him smile!"  
I continue to try and educate.  Let them know he is "normal".  He just doesn't move like little Johnny and Sue!   Yet, sometimes,... I am tired and it just stings a little.

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