Sunday, September 13, 2009

Update after a break

We have settled back into our weekly routine here at the Thayer's. Roa is back at therapies and working hard. This past week, we had a therapy every day and Daddy completed the week by taking Roa swimming on Saturday.
Roa's therapist's were impressed by his strength in neck and trunk and also his open hands. My favorite response had to be Andrea, his aquatic therapist, who teared up a bit! Thanks, Andrea! :) We are very proud of our little guy and the way he is determined to conquer his movement limitations.
Roa has been just..."different" since we have been home from HBOT. He is overall more relaxed and happy. He goes down for naps and bed without a big fight. He still is getting up 2 times a night and is sometimes up for 30min - 1hour in the night, but we are working on it. We are doing some "cry it out" and some massage,...things are slowly getting better. If only he could just stay asleep.
Roa also is liking the all-fours position for a few seconds and is weightbearing on his arms. He is babbling more and we are praying to hear some words someday in the near future!
Eating is going up and down. We got the results from the further intolerance testing and Roa has quite a sensitive tummy! Dairy and grains are the biggest offenders. We are making changes and adjusting slowly.
They say that hyperbarics treatments affect a child's brain but some of the changes occur over the following few months. We watch every day to see new developments...

Tomorrow, Roa and I are off to Courage Center again to see Carissa for occupational therapy. Tuesday is a big day with a visit back at Gillette Children's Hospital to see the doctor in the Pediatric Physical Medicine and Rehab. department. We have waited a LONG time to see Dr. Gormely, who we have heard is one of the best doctors to see. He will look at Roa as a whole- brain, body, movement, adaptive skills-and help us decide what best route to take in helping him learn to be independent. Laurie, Roa's OT from the school will be going with us to help us take it all in.

September 24th is the night of our next Great Expectations Parent group/playdate. This is the group that I started in White Bear Lake to connect families of babies and toddlers with special needs. Our first meeting went very well with 6 moms in attendance! I moved it now to evenings so that we can get the working moms and also the dads to come! I am excited to see the great families I met again and share stories and resources.
Time to go relax before the "night shift".

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  1. Hey Jen, Bryan and Roa-

    YOU guys make the shirts look so cute! What a nice photo of your family. September will be a busy month for all of you. We love to watch Roa's progress and keep praying for better nights at the Thayer house.


    E, B, M & A


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