Monday, September 21, 2009

Off to a busy week!

A new week begins with appointments galore! Roa was off bright and early with Mom and Dad to get his AFOs altered a bit to fit his little legs a bit better while sitting, bending or crouching. We also had Jason, his orthotist, order him his new knee stabilizers that he will wear part of the day to help train his legs to "stand correctly" and control any hip issues.
After that appointment, we were off to the general pediatrician for his 15 month appointment. All was well- his iron level is normal, heart, lungs, etc. all okay. We had a two immunizations today and Roa was a champ and only cried alittle.
This afternoon, Roa and Mom trucked off to Courage for occupational therapy with Carissa and then independent swim time. Carissa worked on sizing Roa for thumb splints that I will be ordering tomorrow. She also gave us a therapeutic listening CD to try 2xday for a week or so to see if it helps Roa establish better sleep patterns. Carissa was happy to see Roa's increase tolerance of being on all fours, his tummy, and just bearing weight on his hands.
Tomorrow, we have a Laurie, his home-based OT coming to visit and then, when Daddy gets home from work, we are off the the apple orchard for a photo session with our new photographer to take Roa's 15 month pics! New pictures will soon follow!
Thank you to all of "Roa's Angels" who stopped by yesterday for a bite to eat and a chat! It was nice for Bryan, Roa and I to personally thank the people who have helped us out so much the past month. If you didn't make it, give us a call and we can plan a get-together! :)

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