Monday, September 7, 2009

Fun at home

Well, the Thayer family is finally home and settling into life and routine in White Bear Lake! Boy, have we missed it! Roa is active as all get-out, wanting to walk all over the house, kick his ball, and get outside in his yard. The dogs sure are happy to have their family back and have enjoyed our nightly walks again. It is nice to meet and greet all the neighbors who we missed seeing while we were gone. Many of them helped take care of our dogs and mowed our lawn. Thank you, neighbors!
We had a nice weekend including a trip to the very busy, MN State Fair! Wow! Record attendance is right! Roa liked watching the sky rides and climbing on the tractors of Machinery Hill.
We have decided to take a new turn in the Roa's Sleep Saga and attempt a little night weaning and "cry it out" method. We are not sure what we are battling when it comes to sleep, but we know we have to figure out how to get this boy to learn how to self soothe. We are also looking at different "therapy" beds that are available for toddlers that help with positioning.
Tomorrow begins the busy work week with Roa's therapy line up, starting with Pat, his teacher through the school district. Roa loves Pat and her magical bag of toys! Roa also has OT, PT, and aquatic therapy this week. It will be exciting to hear the opinions of others as to Roa's newly developed control and strength.

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  1. Welcome home! Nothing like it after a long trip. How did last night go?


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