Friday, September 4, 2009

Day 20- Last sessions!!!

So, it is bright and early this great Friday morning! We moved up our last sessions to 8:00am and 1:00pm so that we can hit the road this afternoon to get home tonight! I am so very excited to see that great little house on Sun Terrace! I am going to run through the backyard with those dogs! It will be neat to see Roa's first reaction to the being reunited to Max and Molly! He misses his dogs!
Last night, we had bowling fun and dinner with Jini and Murali as a "Last Hoorah". Roa laughed at the matching bowling shoes we all wore! So of course, we all had to do a little tap routine to entertain him. He thought it was the best! We will miss being this close to Bryan's cousins! They were wonderful support to have here in Madison.
Roa didn't make it through the whole bowling excursion. Momma and Roa had to head back to the hotel around 7:oo and Roa hit the sack at 7:30. He got up for a total 3 times last night and slept straight through from 1:30am to 6:45am!! Such a puzzle as to why he gives us good sleep only about once a week???? We are going to start tracking EVERYTHING when we get home and start our new food plan. Eating, pooping, napping, medications, therapies, etc.... Someday we might figure this kid out! We also are waiting to hear back from the lab regarding his urine analysis and further food panel.
I posted one more video this morning, "Roa and his animal train". It shows some nice strength and tolerance of new positions. I wanted to also add that I have no idea why extra youtube videos attach with my posts. Excuse the videos that don't seem to make sense, please!

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  1. I love the train video! He looks great.. Is that you behind him or a professional PT? Very nice work Roa!


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