Friday, September 25, 2009

Doctors, therapists, and teachers, oh my!

We had such a busy week this week! Roa and I started ECFE class this Wednesday. I asked Pat, Roa's Early Intervention teacher to help Roa play with the other toddlers while I go and do the parenting component of the class. Thanks, Pat!
Roa loved watching all the other toddlers. When we had group circle and the teacher, Nicole, broke out the flannelboard with "wheels on the bus", "itsy bitsy spider", and "twinkle, twinkle", Roa squealed with delight! How does SHE know my favorites!!! :)
Roa is getting two molars right now, so we have to throw that into the whole sleep confusion. The sleeping is changing, however,...longer periods of sleep and he is going down without a fight.
Monday we are off to the sleep clinic at Gillette. I also requested that we have an initial visit with a speech therapist to look at Roa's swallowing and see about some oral motor exercises. Roa still insists on primarily breastfeeding and has such a strong gag reflex with solid foods. Now that we have taken away some of his favorites- yogurt, oatmeal, puffs, ... we are dealing with some eating refusal. Roa has mastered the straw, however and loves to drink water, juice and rice milk from a straw or sippy cup. We are working on a regular cup. He also has had a few of our family meals blended and has like it! Hooray! Slowly, but surely....
November 2nd is the date set for Roa's first Botox injection. We are a bit nervous about this process. Botox has been around for treatment of cerebral palsy as a more intervention method than the beauty treatments of today's superficial America. Derived from food poisoning, botox in small doses can act as a muscle relaxant when injected into the tight portions of a child's body. The scary side affect is flu like symptoms- we pray Roa doesn't get hit too bad. I've attached a link about botox as an FYI. Read if interested.
Speaking of needles, Daddy has been brave enough to venture in to the world of B-12 injections for Roa! I have to find a great site to link for that. .. Overall, methyl-B-12 is known to help children with neurological disorders develop better attention, boost speech development, aid with sleep, and give an overall calming effect. Roa has had 3 shots and seems to be just happier and talkative after.
Well, enough for today. Have a great weekend everyone.

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