Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day 17- two more days/four more sessions to go!

Roa completed 2 more sessions with Daddy today and continues to enjoy video time and a little play time in the chamber. He goes in without a fuss, but gets a little antsy as the 1 hour 20 minutes drags by.
After the morning session, Roa was able to be adjusted by Dr. Charity, the chiropractor in the adjoining office to the center. He was very tired and ready for his nap, but not so cranky today so he responded well to the adjustment! It went alot better than Monday's attempt. YEAH! Hopefully, it will help him sleep a little better tonight. One can only hope! Momma got adjusted too, so we both should be feeling better. Thanks Dr. Charity for your patience with the Cranky Thayers!
Life in the hotel is definitely old. I am done with hotel cooking, but am proud of us for eating out so little! That API gift basket sure helped! We are taking a slight "break" from the strict food intolerance diet and Roa and Mom are just eliminating the dairy and limiting the rest of the "bad" foods until we can get home and get cooking!!
Roa development update. Hopefully tomorrow morning our video posts will be ready to add to the blog! We are very proud of Roa's head control and trunk strength. He continues to surprise us with his attempts at kicking a ball and reaching to stop it as it rolls. We also commented tonight at how in tune Roa is becoming to language. "Go get your balloon" "Where's the flag?" He is showing understanding of alot of words as well showing desires to do certain activities. Unfortunately, we also get the attitude when he doesn't want to do something, but how wonderful that he is making choices!

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