Monday, August 13, 2012

Gorilla Glue & Jello

We did it.  Roa did it, that is...completed another round of Anat Baniel Method.   5  days of 10 sessions.  Full days.  He is a champ.  Yesterday, after we concluded with Pati, he took a 3 hour nap!  Tired little soldier.
Brief summary of our ABM experience this round-
-  Roa rests, relaxation and focuses so much better when weight bearing on his arms.  Pati did alot in 5 point (hands and knees with head down) or child's pose, yoga style.
- Roa decreases the tightness of his legs when he weight bears on his forearms when standing at the table.  Legs like Jello, Pati would tell him.
- Pati worked on a simple Eah for YES and Eah Eah for NO.  Roa responded well to that simple response.
And, the coolest thing, when Pati would place Roa's left hand on his right cheek in side lying and ask him to keep it glued there while they worked on rolling,... Roa slowly rolled with more ease.  The "gorilla glue" maneuver , helped lessen tone, slow him to give him time to process, and inhibit that natural reflex to Archer-arm.
It was a whirl wind of  brain processing by all.  Now off to a quiet week of reflection and practice of what we learned.

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