Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ready, Get Set, S L O W....

So, the Thayer's life has slowed down a bit.
We had a Fourth of July mini-vacation to Bryan's Aunt and Uncle's in Grand Rapids.  We've taken a minor break from Conductive Ed.  We've slowed down Roa's Gait training, Stander time, etc.
We are taking a summer b r e a t h....  time spent swimming, swinging, in the sandbox, relaxing in the shade.
It is new.  For us all.
It is still busy for mom. Chasing Curious Gunnar and setting up a learning/experimental  play course for Roa.
 The King does not sit for long without entertainment.  But that is why we are doing this.  Roa    MUST    learn   some   slow  down   time.
There is a time to wait.
A time to entertain thy self.
A time to listen to your own body.
A time to practice skills you know.
A time to experiment with skills you will acquire.
A time to just be.

We set him up to self motivate.  iPad over here.  Rescue Hero by your hand.  Balloons all around.  We observe.  We sit back.  We wait.... as patiently as a Type-A mom can for the little earthquakes to happen. 

And you know what?
 They happen.
 Little things like Roa moving across the floor on his back.. inch by inch.  Roa pivoting his body on the floor in a full 360 circle.  Roa sticking his tongue far out of his mouth which had lead to a whole NEW string of babbles.  Roa bending and twisting in his trunk to view something at his side.  Roa sitting tall in his wheelchair without support vest. Roa pointing at every sprinkler we encounter on our nightly walks.  Roa kneeling with support, but pulling himself up to tall kneeling by the couch.

I treat Anat's book like my Travel Guide to the Land of SLOW.  I read. I swallow down the guilt of the pushing, pulling, no pain no gain attitude.  I accept Roa for where he is in the present moment.  I tune into where he might need to go next.  And then I jump in to help that lightbulb flicker. 
 And there is a flicker.  Not a full on lightbulb bright and strong.  But a flicker.
And that is just fine and meant to be celebrated.

I was recently brought a bit down by Roa's 4th birthday. Four years already? And so far to go? I didn't even blog about it because I knew not what to say.

But today I say I am sorry, Rojo!

You see,  we special moms and dads tend to dwell on the CAN NOTS. 
 It is hard not to when the Land of Perfect points, whispers, stares. 
When the Typicals point out the developmental charts that say where he SHOULD BE and question how we can quickly catch him up.
I fall into this trap.  Feel the sadness and shame.
But not today.  Armed with my Travel Guide to the Land of SLOW, I will celebrate where Roa IS and how FAR he has come.

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  1. From my point of view, I see that you have just the right attitude. You told me that Roa decided to talk for his 4th birthday! I was so impressed by your focus on the positive, and it is inspiring. Keep hanging on to those positives! Miss you guys - we'll catch up next week.


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