Sunday, June 17, 2012

Playground preschool, horse rides, and ABM

Tomorrow begins a busy few weeks for Roa. After a fairly slower paced start to June, we are off and running beginning with a White Bear Lake community summer preschool program. Roa will be attending this two-day week class with Maile,his PCA. She willhelp him be involved with all elements of the program. Tuesday, begins his six week session of Courage riders hippo therapy. He is pumped for that! we will carry on with speech and OT at functional Kids on Mondays and Thursdays and also had a therapy pool session at Special Children's Center in Hudson on Wednesdays. Conductive Ed. is Tuesday and Thursdays. Fridays is mom day, Courage swim time and PT with Lauren. This Thursday, all other methods are on hold as we devote 110 percent to Anat Baniel Method. Two sessions per day, 45 minutes per session, for 5 days. We will live and breathe ABM. I have been doing my part reading Anat's book, watching her DVDs, and youtube clips. We pray for the tiny miracles to occur within Roa's brain that trigger motor control that so many children experience with the intense brain based method. I'm posting a couple links to show you more of what this practice is about. Thank you to those of you who have donated to Roa's therapy fund. It will help emensely as we begin another busy summer of Early intervention.

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