Monday, February 13, 2012


Do you hear that?

A quiet rumble... a gentle wave... a little earthquake...

Roa is moving his arms and legs in alternating crawling pattern.


 He does not have the strength or balance to hold himself and up and project forward yet, but we battle away.  Mary, OT and Functional Kids was so impressed today!  She gave me some new strengthening ideas and along with that Laura, PT from school, will be dropping off some new equipment to work with at home- balance board, bolster chair, bolster swing...

We started a brushing program with Roa last week, via Kara, OT Functional kids.  Six to eight times a day, we brush his body firmly with a surgical brush.  The brushing of limbs and back is then followed by joint compressions.  The brushing program is a protocol used to help sensory processing and increase body awareness.  We add it to our bag of CP land treats.

Busy busy.  Little sleep. Lots of prayers. 

Gunnar was sick and is teething. Back to sleeping in our bed in the wee hours of morning when I can't take another moment in that rocking chair beside the crib.  Roa continues to jabber away at 3:00am until 5ish with weary Daddy by his side.  Mary Jo, OT school, mentioned a light box...used to treat seasonal depression, might be worth a try to help his sleep patterns.  So I will search for a deal...  as he is also giving up his daily nap...

No job yet for Bryan.  We are hopeful for an offer soon.  On a positive note, with this time of unemployment, I was able to attend a Craniosacral Therapy weekend seminar with Dr. Carol Phillips. So amazing.  So empowering.  So enlightening.

So much hope.  For a new tomorrow.  A brighter future. 

But for now,  I must rest.  Until another day, dear friends.  Keep the faith!    Jen

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