Monday, May 16, 2011


We had our IEP meeting with Normandy Park School Staff on Friday.  It was such a crazy experience for me- to not be in the teacher seat, but  be there as a parent.  We met Roa's teacher for the fall.  Lori was very nice and took the position of recorder of all topics we talked about at the meeting.  She seems like a great teacher, ready to take on the challenge of King Roa! ;)
 He can be a handful... and a non verbal one, at that! 
That part of Roa, his inability to verbally communicate, has us in the most distress about sending him to school.
As a parent of a child with special needs, it appears as if God has granted us the super power to read Roa's mind.  We are now telepathic in regards to Roa's needs.  Roa can whine, whimper, scream, or shriek and we know if it is joy, fear or a need to be met.  When we have a babysitter or relative watching Roa, we try and explain the different sounds and their meaning.  When Roa is at therapy, I am usually there to mind read and pass on the info.

What will the school staff do?  Will they know what he wants or needs?   How will Roa fair? Will he get frustrated, angry, sad?  Will he be able to interact with the other kids?

It is not just the interactions he may miss, but also his physical positioning needs.  Since Roa doesn't move on his own without his gait trainer, how will he communicate that he is tired of sitting/standing/squatting/ kneeling. etc..?  Will he get enough time on the floor to attempt floor play?
Will his iPad save the day?   Will it be the tool to help him "talk", along with his few attempts at words?  Will they understand?

They will get in a groove.  They will figure him out.

 But it is so hard to think of sending him off on that school bus with me, his Medium, standing helplessly in the doorway watching him go.

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  1. Oh, Jennifer, I know these feelings. I was a wreck before sending Elijah to school, I wondered how they could possibly figure out our nonverbal boy. But you're right - they will get in a groove and they will figure Roa out. I hope Roa loves school as much as Elijah does! And I hope that your mommy (medium) heart can have some peace too. HUGS to you.


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