Thursday, January 27, 2011

No rest for the wicked

So, it is Thursday.  What a long week this has been.  Ever had weeks like that?  Weeks that feel like a Monday all...week...long.  Roa did not have much for therapies this week.  No ECFE class due to teacher inservice.  No Conductive Ed. due to lack of transportation.  We rescheduled his speech evaluation due to his poor night of sleep as he battle some congestion. (Thank God for Vicks Baby Rub)

So it has been officially Momma- Head Therapist in the house!  Gunnar and Roa also have it down that while one sleeps the other is ready to roll.  Luckily, I catch times like this when they both are napping to grab lunch and "chat" with you! :)

Tomorrow is the big day, Roa's meeting with all the therapists and school staff to discuss goals and plan for his transition into preschool. 
On Monday evening we visited with St. Judes of the Lake preschool and had such a positive experience.  The director, Janet, is so nice and welcoming.  She is excited for Roa to attend the school and will help acaccommodate for his needs.  Roa would have 17 other classmates with two teachers.  We will probably pursue a personal care assistant for Roa during school as well.  Roa could attend the program 2-3 mornings per week which would work great so that we could continue with Conductive Ed, swimming, craniosacral, private speech, and PT at Courage on his off days OR he could go to the Early Childhood Special Needs classroom.
Bryan and I were soooo very grateful that the St. Jude's staff welcomed Roa without hesitation.  We were expecting this to be another obstacle to climb.  Now we just have to figure things out with the school district.

Another positive of the week is that I have been in touch with the staff of Quadriciser (remember the piece of therapy equipment I posted a video of?) and they will be sending us a packet of information.  They even offered to pay for our hotel and give tickets to area attractions if we would come and try it out in Knoxville!  Not sure if that road trip is in our plans, but it is nice to be so welcomed!

Lastly, I have had some email chat time with author and speech therapist, Diane Bahr about Roa's communication development.  She was so helpful, supportive and quick to respond to my questions!  She even sent me a chapter from her book, Nobody Ever Told Me (or my Mother) That!: Everything from Bottles and Breathing to Healthy Speech Development,  to help guide me in Roa's speech development including oral motor ideas.

Check it out at:

Gotta run, no time to rest....  Little man calls!

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