Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Chatting about updates

After my last post, Laurie, Roa's OT and Lynsey, Roa's speech therapist and I had a good long talk about how we will approach Roa's therapy time from here on.  It was great to get things out in the open about Bryan and my worries and frustrations with Roa's progress in the area of communication.  Lynsey was very receptive to my thoughts on therapy and we will be looking continuing with our twice a week session along with possibly adding some private speech therapy weekly.  We also talked about all the therapists being more consistent with the routine and incorporate repetition of songs and basic sounds to increase Roa's interest and chances of imitation.  We are so pleased with the Birth to 2 staffs willingness to hear us out and attempt to meet our needs.  They are very family friendly.

One of the things that has come up with other speech therapists and parents of kids with communication needs is the current use of the Ipad for assistive tech!  What an exciting avenue of language that this mainstream instrument can give to people with disabilities.  Lynsey wants to start Roa's attempts with the Ipad in January.  If things go well, Bryan and I will have to consider purchasing our own Ipad for Roa- not a cheap purchase, by anymeans, but more reasonably priced compared to some communication aids out there.  We are optimistic about it!

In other therapy news, Roa's new gait trainer was supposed to be here last Friday, but Reliable Medical mixed up the order and we are once again... waiting.  Roa still continues to use the school miniPacer, but we are excited to try the next size up and have Roa's very own GT!  Hopefully, soon....  nothing ever goes smoothly, I must say...

January 3, Roa is scheduled for his next round of Botox.  We are seeing alot of tightening of his adductors with attempts at sitting.  He also has increased tightness of his hands while grasping.  We are happy botox is on it's way.

Now, off to research funding sources for an Ipad while my boys nap!.....

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  1. You might already read this blog but I thought this was a pretty good guide for using the ipad as a communication device. (Woah. Hope that link works.) We have an ipad for our guy and are just getting into some of these apps.



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