Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Conductive Education Family

On Saturday, we had a fund raising family gathering for Roa's conductive education at the Plus Center.  Since Roa has one on one sessions with Ors and his Auntie Ellen drives him to the sessions now, I have never had the pleasure of meeting the other CE families.  Boy, was it a joy to finally get a chance to chat and compare notes with others!
Roa is one of the youngest children attending the center, so I got a chance to hear the stories of other children older than Roa. Each parent I chatted with had nothing but great things to say of Ors and his Conductive Education program.  Some of the children have been coming to CE for 10-12 years!  Peter, age 5, first walked on his own at the center when he was 4 and has walked on his own ever since.  His mother said they owe it to conductive ed!
It was a wonderful experience for the Thayers. It made us feel part of a group, part of a family of hopeful parents.  It gave us promise of bright things to come.  We really needed that!  Now, we ponder how we will get Roa to attend more sessions of conductive ed.  It is a distance and with the new baby on the way...but "where there is a will, there is a way".

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