Monday, February 22, 2010

First round of CE

Saturday was our first official session with Ors and Conductive Education.  Bryan and I were very happy with how Roa responded to it.   Why did Rojo like it?
First of all, there is alot of singing... Scores Big points with King Roa!  Also, Ors is such a nice guy and that accent of his really gets Roa's attention.  I think it is also great to have a man involved with fun time work, besides Daddy. 
Next positive is the steady pace, moving from one position to another in a neat orderly fashion.  Everything  we did from standing up to sitting down, from reaching to turning the head,...had a little transitional song.  Once again,... King Roa got his music fix.  Lastly,  there were many tasks that involved a rhythmic beat- shakers, clapping,... Roa loved it all.

He got a little fussy when hungry, but the beauty of CE is that we also worked on feeding and positioning during mealtime.  Every move we made, from snack table to the play area was goal centered on correct movement and positioning his body.  As parents, it really makes you think about all of the teachable moments we need to take advantage of.

The only negative of our experience was the time and travel.  It is about a 40 minute drive to the center.  Add 40 minutes back and the 1 1/2 hour session and it was our whole day.  This would be completely okay if Roa would sleep in the car, but he has never been a traveling sleeper.  But he has mastered the skill of being a most CRANKY traveler!   So, nap time was early and a cat nap was late so bed time was postponed and our night was HELL with frequent wake ups.  We will take the good with the bad.

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  1. Hey! It is SO nice to meet you and the adorable Roa! I've heard amazing things about conductive education. Listen, I want you to put up your ideas on the post where you can win the CVS gift card--this is the right link! Your ideas are AWESOME. Roa sure is lucky to have you as a mom. :)


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