Monday, January 17, 2011

Someone like me

Last night while eating his bedtime snack (Daddy's homemade cinnamon apple ice cream, I must add), Roa was watching ABC's Extreme Home Makeover.  Did anyone catch it?  Well, the cute little guy, named Zoe, got a new Pacer Gait Trainer from the makeover team at the end of the show.

You should have seen the look of surprise and joy that spread across Rojo's face as he watched that other little guy moving in a GT!!  Wow, someone like me!
Roa actually let out a yell of protest when the gait trainer left the program.

Both Bryan and I teared up while watching Roa's joy at the gait trainer's moment in the spotlight.  How different his little life is going to be. How different he will feel about how he moves around.
 How limited the exposure to special needs in our society.  Why is that?
With over 12 % of children in our population of the United States diagnosed with a disability, why don't we see more in the mainstream media?

We will do our best to show Roa that he isn't alone.  Through You tube clips, community outings for special needs, books, etc.,  we will show him many differences in how people develop. 
But to the majority of parents do that for their kids? Parents of kids without special needs?  One can only hope.

However, judging by the looks of confusion we get as Roa moves through the mall in his "Blue Lightening" GT-  I don't think many kids learn to expect OR accept differences in others.

Let's make that change.

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  1. You are brave, you are strong, you are real, and your family is an inspiration to so many! With each confused glance or questioning look from those who don't understand may your expression mirror back a courage and compassion that will teach others to "accept the differences"


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