Saturday, January 15, 2011

If tears were dollar bills.... we'd be rich.

Yes, the botox is in full affect.  Roa is a limp noodle in his gait trainer and angry as a bear!  We are all so frustrated with how he is moving in it around the house during our LONG cabin-fever days indoors that I've been driven to tears as well.  Today, we took a much needed break from the gait trainer and Roa and Daddy took a trip to Courage for a little pool therapy.  I enjoyed a small vacation from King Roa.... he enjoyed Daddy time at his favorite place!

We know that with the bad of the botox, comes the good.  In a week or two, Roa will figure out how to control those muscles and once again be walking confidently in his trainer.... until then we will do alot of blanket time- rolling, stretching, tummy time, etc.

Gunnar enjoys this blanket time with his big brother.  He is getting big and smiley! Two months old now. Such a calm and easy baby!  What a switch from our first born.

In the next week or so, Roa will be evaluated for speech therapy at Functional Kids Center in Maplewood.  We are excited to start speech therapy with Julie who will be implementing oral motor strategies to help with Roa's sound production.  We are hearing more vocalizations lately, although the majority of expressions are screaming, yelling and crying.....
Oh the botox,... a blessing and a curse!

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  1. Oh, I agree! For us, weeks 2-4 are the pits after Botox. Thankfully it always seems to get better!


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