Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ineed, Ilove, Iuse-all-the-time, Ipad!!

Roa ADORES his ipad!  It has been a LIFESAVER for Mom!  When Gunnar needs to nurse and Roa is in need of an activity, the ipad is there.  In the stander, highchair, gait trainer, bumbo chair and tray..... the ipad is there. 
During mealtimes for communication, there it is!
There are so many cute FREE or very cheap apps for Roa to use and he can actually play the games and control things ON HIS OWN! 
Roa's Faves
Baby Rattle (Crazy laughing boy named Roa!)
ABC Song by Curous Puppy
Wheels on the Bus by Lil Gamer
Pocket Pond
I Hear Ewe
Humpty Dumpty by Rhymes for Tots (Mom and Dad love the music!)


  1. How great! I was thinking of something like this for Walker. Not sure if he could use it or not, since his fine motor skills aren't perfect. How easy is it for Roa?

  2. I think giving it a shot with Walker would be very worth it! Roa is learning so much control with the ipad because he is SO motivated by it. We even are doing tummy time with it now, which he hates!
    Go to an Apple Store with Walker and just try it out!


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Mom and Me