Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Off to check out Conductive Education

Today, Roa, my sister Ellen, and I are off to check out a new center that is in Burnsville, MN called the Plus Center.  They specialize in a therapy for children with cerebral palsy called Conductive Education.  Ors, the owner and main "conductor" at the center is from Hungary where this method was developed.  One of  my mom friends on Facebook sent me a link about Hungary's special therapy and under some strange direction from God, I found a center right here in Minnesota!  Crazy!
We are just going for a tour.  Ors reported that they mainly serve school age children around 5-8 years old, but they would love to have Roa and I join them 2-3 times a week.  Who knows....
I added the link in  interested!                         http://www.pluscenter.org/

Our session with Neue the Anat Baniel Method practioner went well!  She gives me more insight on helping Roa with body awareness, movement on the floor, and hopefully, we will get him rolling over to his tummy soon!  We have another session later today with Neue!

Gotta run,  Roa needs breakfast!

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