Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Conductors Conductors Everywhere!

When checking my blog today I was surprised to have such a wonderful response from the world of Conductive Education.  Conductors Unite!  You great people really believe in your work and should be commended for that!  Thank you for your insight on what I should read to help me better understand the theory of CE.  Please keep in touch. I will take all the guidance on our journey I can get!

Our visit with Ors at the Plus Center went well.  He is so very kind and Roa took to him with a smile immediately. Ors was impressed with Roa's "alertness" and drive to get walking.  He watched Roa play on the mat, attempt to roll, sit on a foot bench, and stand holding a bar.  He gave me some helpful tips about positioning Roa while walking with him and, like we here from the entire world, GET THAT BOY ON HIS TUMMY MORE!  We are getting there!
 Given the distance to Burnsville,  it is a bit of a hike to do 2-3 days a week for Roa and I given our busy additional therapy schedule.   Ors agreed to work with Roa on Saturday afternoons just to get us started.  He would really like to get a group of toddlers together since one of the beliefs in Conductive E. is the group connection.  So our search for toddlers with motor delays in the Twin Cities area begins! 
If you are a parent of a 1-3 year old with CP or other motor impairment, consider joining this new therapeutic group!  Just send me a message here or at 

Now, off to google a book mentioned to me entitled Dina...


  1. Jennifer

    I have to rush to work in deep snow but just wanted to say order that book as soon as possible it is he only CE book that I ever recommend to parents.

    Good luck.


  2. If we lived closer I would definately join the group!! Can they do a group session via webconference? LOL j/k

  3. Hi Jennifer,

    I hope you are able to form a little group where you are.

    Parents who are not in your area but who are interested in finding a Conductive Education center can check out the Directory at


  4. Bursnville? Hey, that sounds like, yes, Twin Cities! Yes, it IS Minnesota. I'm from Saint Paul; but I live in B.C. now. Just tickled to see a good Minnesota family on the blogs and CE also in the picture. - Also, I'd like to reiterater that Dina is worth reading and re-reading. My brother, his wife and their three girls live in White Bear Lake, Sierra Drive, just off McKnight. I'd like to look you guys up next time I and my son are in Minnesota.


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