Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Time for- "Look Ma, no hands!"

I got a stern talking to from HBOT Erin :) that I haven't posted in awhile. So, here you go, Erin!

I chatted with Erin yesterday about the possiblity of getting a home chamber in the next couple months to begin home treatments with Roa. We have been waiting to start again based on our reading about a recommended "wait time" in between groups of sessions, but Erin said we could start anytime with a home chamber. We are looking into the costs, pick up vs. delivery, used vs. new... etc.

Roa is skipping school today. ECFE was just too hard to get too with a cranky teething limited sleeping guy! Our nights have been going ok. Last night, he just couldn't seem to settle in. Drooling and chewing his hands until the good ol tylenol kicked in.
We have Craniosacral therapy this afternoon with Kim. Roa likes Kim and she relaxes us both! She has been kind enough to come to our home for therapy and save us a trip out. Nice on yucky rainy days like today!

Yesterday, Roa had PT with Andrea at Courage and we also did our independent aquatic time. Andrea made some good points to Mom about letting Roa experience natural consequences for his movements. "If you arch back, you will hit the floor. If you bend down and out of the chair, you need to put out your hands". If you let go of the couch, you will fall."... I admit, I have been a "helicopter mom" not letting Roa get hurt or feel helpless. I know that he needs to start experiencing some challenging movements as well as some failure.... it is hard. Especially with my overly vocal "Yeller"! And the kid falls like a tree! But, I will do my best to give him those challenges and plan more activities where Roa will have to increase his "cause and effect" motor planning skills.

As for King Roa's favs of the week-- Roa loves swinging in a blanket. He trucks it over (with us holding him up, of course) to the chair or couch and pulls down a blanket to the floor, hops on it and lays down with a giggle. We swing with Roa in the blanket and he laughs! We have been working on him communicating he wants "more" swinging through sign language and vocalizing and he does a great job gesturing and giving a "grunt". Baby steps toward speech.
Roa also has taken a liking to graham crackers dipped in rice milk. Great texture experience for him... and he is eating more! Yeah!

We have a couple cute videos to post, hopefully by the weekend! Thanks for reading and have a good Wednesday. I love the comments and emails after you read, so keep them coming! Boosts my trampled spirit...

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  1. Hi there. I'm a bbc member and i've been following your blog since Roa began hbot. Our sons have very similar sleep and motor challenges and I love to see the different ideas that you have. The blanket idea is great! I'm going to try that this evening. I'm a "helicopter mom" too so if you have any ideas on how to overcome the fear of'letting go' please let me know. :) I guess just knowing its for our kids benefit should help...but its soooo hard. You are amazing parents. Thank you for sharing. -Janet


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