Monday, October 26, 2009

Time and Money

Okay, so I promised new video and pictures this weekend.... Sorry! We had a nice family weekend and I stayed away from the computer,.. except to budget plan with Bryan. Wow! It is really expensive to care for a child! Add the cost of therapies, supplements, doctor appointments, adaptive equipment, etc... you are in a whole different world of parenting!! We are doing pretty well though. No need to worry about the Thayer's, but WOW!
I just read my Babycenter friend, Mary's post about the cost of therapies. Isn't it just a crime to pay so much per hour...$150- to 300 for ONE hour? Insane! Insurance can only help so much!
We are thinking of lightening the therapy load for me and Roa and also the amount we spend each month. Through the winter, I can follow thru with recommended activities for strength.

We bought a new high chair for Roa this weekend with a gift card from the wonderful people of API! Thank you so much! Poor Roa was in and out of different seats, but we found one that supports him well, adjusts for height, reclines, is on wheels, has a nice size tray for activities, and a 5-point harness. They make so many different highchairs now-a-days, it makes your head spin! Now Roa can get REALLY serious about eating!! :)

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