Friday, October 30, 2009

Craniosacral and I

Roa is napping, I am relaxing and drinking a cup of coffee... thought it would be a perfect time to blog!
I should be napping as well, however, this down-time is so nice to just BE. No walking around hunched over with my lil man, no singing, reading, entertaining,... no working on skill after skill! I am trying to find a little more Jennifer-time in my life. I have been so focused on Roa that my stress level has gone through the roof. Time again for reading, yoga, scrapbooking, baking.... life before KING ROA!

I had a "break through" of sorts with a craniosacral therapy appointment with Kim. Kim has been seeing Roa for a couple months and we have seen nice results. Roa is allowing more tummy time, weight bearing on his arms without complaint, and starting to go into all fours for crawling. Kim had mentioned that in order to fully help Roa, she would like to have a few sessions with me.
As always, I said, "Anything for my boy". I had a session at Kim's house 2 nights ago. WOW! I am completely a believer in the benefits of craniosacral therapy! To give you a little insight as to what it is, I will describe it as a "massage of the soul". Kim worked with me for one hour and I seriously have never felt so CLEAR, so positive, so calm and PEACEFUL. Craniosacral let me let go of a lot of "stuff" I've been carrying around for the last few months, helped me find some peace about my car accident, helped me deal with family and personal woes. I have a link about craniosacral I want to attach. I KNOW that it is helping Roa and I am now seeing the benefits for me. It is one of those "new-age" things that some people poo-poo. But, if it could even possibly help.... wouldn't you give it a try?

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  1. I'll have to look into it. We just had Olivia adjusted by a chiropractor last weekend. It was a family friend whom I trust completely. He said her middle back was way out. Olivia looked like she really enjoyed it!

    I totally hear you about the stress.. I'm at level 11 (on a scale of 1-10)


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