Thursday, January 10, 2013

Terrors, Startles, and Fears

So life is moving along as usual and then one day, both boys decide naptime is for babies.  No more naps in beds for the Thayer duo.

Not a happy momma.  Busy, Busy momma.  With two exhausted boys by nightfall.
Gunnar gets giddy wild in the afternoons but won't settle down to sleep.
Not in his bed.
Not in mine.
Not on the couch.
Not on the floor.
Not with the TV on.
Not with it off.
Not with music.
Not with a fox.
Not in a box.

Roa gets off the school bus, half asleep with his head hanging, but S C R E A M S bloody murder when I lay him down on his bed.  If on the couch, he just giggles, kicks, and moves to get down... aka. fall off.
Which leads to our next issue...
Roa is crying hysterically at bedtimes again.  Scared to be alone, scared of something, startling, afraid to fall,....??  We don't know.  He is also waking up in the night screaming and crying like he is afraid.  Hearts a-pounding in the night for Dad and Mom.
We see this happening in the car too at times that he might be tired.  Reaching out arms and legs,...fighting to grab and balance.

F r e a k s       u s     o  u  t   !!!!!

Well, it also scared the bus driver to bits!  Yesterday, she pulled up to the house honking and waving.  She thought Roa had had a seizure.  She decribed the same type of thing we see- waving arms, crying, screaming, scared eyes.  She said, "It's like he saw something that scared him!"
What do we do with this behavior?  He doesn't tell us what is wrong.  He doesn't even "thumb pick" to give us a hint.  Just gives us his sad eyes and lip out.

Another CP mystery.  Hopefully it is something positive, like he is working through that darn startle reflex and ATNR reflex that won't let go!!!
Prayers for answers!  Please!

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