Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dragons, Cake, and Christmas Trees

Christmas! Christmas! Christmas! What a busy, stuff yourselves, get little sleep or exercise time of the year!
Roa had a wonderful holiday. Anything would beat last year with his holiday hospital stay with severe flu. But this season was nice with many family gatherings, lots of presents, and our own tradition of Birthday Cake for Jesus on Christmas Eve. Roa loves birthday celebrations!
How to Train your Dragon is the hit this year with Roa. Sant brought him the movie and his own toy Dragon! Roa was pretty pumped!
Being off routine was tough for Rojo. He missed school and his friends. It gets boring for him all day at home with mom. We only had two speech/OT sessions and one session of Conductive Ed.
It was great to send him on the bus today. Off to school and back to fighting the fight.
On a positive note, Roa was vocal this break. More imitation and some spontaneous words.
We also starting potty training. Gunnar is also excited about that and has gone on the potty so that is motivating to Roa. Now we wait for the excitement to wear down so he can actually relax enough to go. Oh the mysteries of Cerebral
palsy..... They just keep coming!

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