Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Blow the Man Down

Yesterday was Roa's birthday.  He had a super busy day of preschool in the morning with cupcakes and song.  Followed by speech and OT in the afternoon with snacks and song.  He was beat after his big day and we had naptime followed by dinner and playtime with Daddy and then,... the much anticipated presents and Birthday Brownies.

When presented with the candle-lit treat, Roa was so pumped up.  We sang the song, mom took some pictures, and Gunnar helped blow out a few of the candles.  Daddy, not giving up on the Birthday boy, kept prompting that blow and POOOOF.  Out went a candle!

To many of us, blowing out a candle is no big deal.  Alot of people wouldn't even think of the fact that this very task is hard work-  a combination of mouth and lip muscle control, paired with abdominal and lung strength to exhale, head control to aim and put that fire out.
Roa did it. 
Not on his first, second, third, or fourth birthday... but this one- number 5! 
We have waited, practiced, therapeutically approached this very task for years.
 He did it.
One of the many things to come for our Hero Roa.  One more thing to check off the developmental list that grows with each birthday, but one more check, none the less.

Blow away, lil champ!  Blow them all away!

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